lunar phases
Reminiscing on the summer I stole a quick shot of Michael Angelo’s beautiful Sistine Chapel ceiling. Almost got tossed out on my ear for it too.  (at Cappella Sistina)
my summer of 2013 Italy trip.
I know you guys can’t tell but I’ve seriously got the best sunset view from my bedroom window. #sunset #downtownliving #blessed
Yay to a weekend in N. Conway with #mylove! #cathedralledge #NH  (at Cathedral Ledge Lookout)
Baked a loaf of banana bread using a healthier recipe that substituted butter and sugar with apple sauce and honey. Its really tasty!

Slow Cooker Rib Hash


Bath time
Found this gem of a photo while going through one of the hospital training guides. Lmao! #Becreative #creative #icant
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